Nesting Photography - Ethical practises and Care

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Nesting Photography - Ethical practises and Care

Postby shovon666 » 26 Aug 2013, 06:32

Although nesting photography isn't allowed on most of the birding group and forum, But its hard to keep people away from taking nesting photos. Specially, when some one suddenly discover a bird nest, he/she feels very excited to take shots of such great architecture and the awesome beauty of a offspring.

So, if you couldn't resist yourself when discover a bird nest / nesting bird / nestlings, before you rush for the shot; I'd ask you to study about the species. Not all the species react same on human presence around nest / nestling. Many species can abundant their baby and eventually the babies will die.

Think Again, is it your photography important than their lives? I guess you'll not consider that.

Even if you get a very common species nest which doesn't have much reaction against your presence and will not abundant the babies; some care should be taken for the bird's betterment.

  • Do not alter vegetation around a nest site for a better photographic view.
  • Quietly retreat from a nest area if the parents become agitated and start alarm-calling.
  • Avoid playing songs and calls of birds during the nesting season. This includes using tapes of screech-owl calls or other sounds meant to attract attention.
  • Do not disturb the eggs or young in any way. Remember, it is illegal to possess nests, eggs or even feathers of most native bird species.

Again I'd like to say, Its better that you avoid taking nesting photographs & leave the bird alone.


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Re: Nesting Photography - Ethical practises and Care

Postby Shabu » 26 Aug 2013, 12:15

Some very important points Shovon, thanks alot for your effort :)

Hope photographers will be more careful while shooting nesting birds.
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