Eid trip findings in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

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Eid trip findings in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

Postby shovon666 » 15 Aug 2013, 18:38

As we planned, me and Sahad Siddque have completed our Thakurgaon trip. We reached Thakurgaon on August 11, 2013 and left the place on August 14, 2013.

Although we've visited areas near Thakurgaon district, but we've also managed to visit the Singra forest, Dinajpur and some areas of Ponchogor District.

It was full of great moments and joy. Like previous trip to Thakurgaon we found some fantastic birds. The trip was special to me as I was able to shot some birds for the 1st time. Although I'd seen them before, but never managed a shot before this trip. Hope I'll post them in this forum soon. Here is the bird list we've seen in this trip.

Special thanks to Rejaul Hafiz Rahi, without him the trip was just a dream.

New to me:
  • Yellow Bittern
  • Indian Pitta (Couldn't manage any shot :( )
  • Black-headed Munia (I Couldn't manage any shot but Shahad did )
  • Eurasian Tree Sparrow
  • Grey-breasted Prinia (Not very good shot.)
  • Quail (Couldn't manage any shot :( )

And these I've seen before. But some are very special as I've managed to take photo for the first time.
  • Asian Paradise Flycatcher
  • Pied Cuckoo
  • Long-tailed Shrike
  • Black-headed Cuckooshrike
  • Common Sandpiper
  • Richard's Pipit
  • Cinnamon Bittern
  • Indian Pond Heron
  • Little Egret
  • Cattle Egret
  • Pied Kingfisher
  • White-throated Kingfisher
  • Common Kingfisher
  • White-winged kite
  • Black Kite
  • Orange-headed Thrush
  • Rufous Treepie
  • Spotted Owlet
  • Red Turtle Dove
  • Spotted Dove
  • Eurasian Collared Dove
  • Rock Pegion
  • White-browed wagtail
  • Striated Heron
  • Spotted Munia
  • Streak-throated woodpecker
  • Black-rumped Flameback
  • Fulvous-breasted woodpecker
  • Red-whiskered Bulbul
  • Red-vented Bulbul
  • Black Hooded Oriol
  • Oriental Magpie Robbin
  • House Sparrow
  • Bronzed Drongo
  • Black Drongo
  • Purple Sunbird
  • Purple-rumped Sunbird
  • Common Iora
  • Great Tit
  • Asian Pied Starling
  • Common Myna
  • Jungle Myna
  • Bank Myna
  • Blue-throated Barbet
  • Coppersmith Barbet
  • Common Tailorbird
  • Jungle Babler

And here is the "P" team.... ;)

Hope I'll be able to visit this place again. :D
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Re: Eid trip findings in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

Postby Sohel » 16 Aug 2013, 11:34

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